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3 Reasons Why You Need A Realtor For a New Construction

There are so many gorgeous homes popping up all over Texas with plenty of builders to choose from.  Buyers can walk into any model home and sit down with the sales counselor and build their home from start to finish.

Do you NEED a real estate agent in order to have the home built?  No, you do not.  However, many buyers don’t realize that it’s a good idea to have a realtor on their side. 

Reason 1:  You need an advocate.  A sales counselor’s job is to sell you the home.  A realtor’s job is to work with the client, to purchase the right home for you.  There’s a difference.  Many new builds go smoothly and according to plan.  Nonetheless, these days, amid shipping delays, the pandemic, and worker shortages, many new builds are facing delays.  The transactions aren’t as smooth as compared to the past, so realtors have had to make more phone calls and shoot out more emails on behalf of their clients. 

In one case in Sugar Land, a builder’s vendor accidentally flooded a home during a plumbing mishap.  The buyer happened to see the flooded areas of the home and took pictures.  The builder said the home would pass inspection and would be “just fine.”  Is that a suffice answer for you?  Clients need an advocate to help make sure mishaps like this are not only taken care of before closing, but documented for possible future issues.  

Reason 2: Financial benefits: Having a realtor costs the buyer nothing.  Many buyers don’t understand that the commission paid to their agent is actually paid for by the builder.

Plus, They can help with price negotiation.  Many top producing agents have professional relationships with the sales counselors and may be privy to information that you may not have access to.  That leverage may be advantageous for you. 

Reason 3: They’re market experts:  Top agents know all the sub-developments and neighborhoods in their area.  The sales counselor may not know that information.  They work for the developer and their job isn’t necessarily to know what schools the homes will be zoned to, or how far is the nearest grocery.  The sales agent may gently upsell you to a premium lot , yet maybe you don’t want a lake view nor care about being on a cul-de-sac. 

The buying process comes with a lot of x’s to sign with little explanation.  Buying a home is a major life milestone so It’s ideal to go into it without someone’s guidance and expertise to walk you through the process–especially if it’s your first time building.